Facade cleaning

Cleaning of masonry and its parts

Masonry is cleaned of inappropriate repair materials – portland cement joints, brick fittings, unstable seams and masonry materials are mechanically scraped or scraped by hand or sawed with electric hand tools without damaging adjacent materials.

New clay tile, sandstone, artificial stone, granite plinth and brick masonry are cleaned with a facade cleaning paste (pH5), rinsing with warm water or high pressure water / steam jet, neutralizing if necessary with a 0.5% calcined soda (Na2CO3) solution in water. Previous java, paint, etc. is removed using mechanical hand tools, paint converters or solvents, keeping the original surface texture and mechanical condition if possible. For sandstone details in areas where surface texture allows, cleaning is performed mechanically with sandpaper.

Plaster parts are washed with water and cleaned of loose parts.

In places where the drying process has precipitated, a system of distilled water and lignin compress is used.