• Restoration of brick and stone

About us

We renovate and reconstruct historic buildings as well as monuments. Our company offers interior and exterior decorative sculpture works, polychrome and wood restoration as well as facade restoration, reconstruction and decorative elements development from idea to its realization in the chosen material.
We have been successfully cooperating with other artistic craftsmen.
Collaboration and the art of compromise – to make use of materials that are close to and / or compatible with the construction of the building as much as possible and at the same time protect it from the challenges of today’s environment and make it work efficiently for modern functions.

Investigation of the technical condition of the object. The initial structure of the object and the material from which it is made, the type of damage and the degree of disintegration, the factors that negatively affect it and the loss of the original must be clarified. The research is carried out in collaboration with other professions – chemists (material analysis), biologists (mycological analysis), archaeologists, art historians and others.

Careful storage or preventive conservation is a set of measures taken to slow down or halt the deterioration or degradation of cultural values by acting on the environment and damaging factors (humidity, salts, exposure to various microorganisms, etc.)

Measures to preserve the cultural monument in its most stable state by strengthening its structure: Gentle removal from the layers. Disinfection, consolidation, stabilization in the existing state without reconstruction of losses.

Returning an item to its original appearance.